Monday, April 13, 2009

The Silent Convey

Among my friends,

You are one of the precious ones
Very genuine and rare to find

It’s not the kind smile nor

The joy of your companionship,

That is holding our friendship

I really don’t know how it started

But the happiness it brings to me

And my family is always special

The heart felt smile and the

Joy filled moment is what I see

When you are around

You are really special coz

You are not considered my friend

But son, my Mom call you

You know everything about me

Both my strengths and weakness

Even without I spell it

You listened to my dreams

You know how I feel about life

And you value what it all means

Arj, I know you can understand that

It is not possible to put everything here

Let the silence convey all that is unsaid

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lost Love

The pain of going through a broken relationship is awful. Realizing that the special person, who meant life, is no more yours is like world coming to an end. Once you are betrayed, it really hurts and you are shattered completely; everyone looks like a betrayer to you.

Here is a love, shedding tears for LOST LOVE:

Tears roll down, I think of you all day and night. Your smile, your talks, your promises – I was there always for you and you did this to me. Why? I cannot understand it at all.

You said I meant world to you, I really thought I meant something to you. The bond we shared, the care I poured, the warmth we felt, the fear I wiped – nothing seem to exist.

But I was real!

How will you ever know the pain you caused me?
There are so many words unsaid, many more dreams to fall apart.

I was confused if you were going away from me or coming closer!

I am all alone standing, thinking if this day is dream or happening for true?

Did you really wanted all this to end this way?

You said – I am your answer for whole of your life.

Now I am left with questions unanswered.

I still love you the way I did! I still want you in my life!!

I wish you remember my mobile number, just incase –

If you ever realize my real care and love!!

Anything Not To Loose Your Friendship

Nobody else has ever touched my life the way you have

Though we had not seen each other

The bond between us was across the miles

And it should have taken years to build,

But we did in a day or two

I am glad to share this bond with you

A bond that lifelong friends will have

I think of you each day

Though you are not seen everyday

I see you on my screen

Just a glance at your name in my gadget

Cheer me up and make my day

There are days when I

Opened my inner self to you

And traded laughs and pain

I hardly meet you

But feel as if I know you most of my life

For most of them it might sound

Stupid, but it’s not for me

Adi, you are so kind and generous

Will do anything not to loose your friendship.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Friend – Whom I Treasure

I felt near to the ground, the day when you text me

Early in the morning, the text read “Raki you are my valuable friend in life…


Each word from the text has made a impression in my heart

I know you since my college days,

You are such a kind person

You made us laugh, cry, shout, dance,

Scream, run…what not!

There is no one to say unconstructive about you

We all love you the way you are

And specially the way we are when you are around

I can write loads and lots cherishing the days we spent

But now, this day is reminding me of the day

When you had to leave us and fly to overseas

I am happy for you that you are making your career there

I am happier that your wish has come true

But I remember how hard you felt

The tough time you went through, just before leaving

I know things will settle down soon

And you know it too

I miss you dear friend,

Though we did not talk each day

And meet each weekends

Still deep in our hearts we used to care for each other

In our own ways

Friend like you is always special and

Would treasure all the memories stringed

The thoughts and the feel of missing you

Going through my head is going to make me burst

Burst with depression and misery

I do not know, if this is how I feel till you return

Will I keep missing you, or

I let my things get in my way and slowly come out

Out of these despair feelings

I am waiting for your mail,

Mail that signs your risk-free life there

Shashi, you and your friendship is precious

Take care Dear.

See you soon..

With lots of love, care and friendship